Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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The Lockness Monster* #quote

      Today I went to the dentist. Had a few seizures in the chair but fortunately nothing came of it and then were small shakes so when I raised my hand(a cue worked out beforehand) they pulled out their instruments quickly enough. They've dealt with crazy squealing kids that move more than a seizure so I figured it'd be fine.

The Reaper's End

       I'm The Grim Reaper and I've taken soul after soul into the after life. They struggle, cry, and sometimes in the worst of cases smile, as I place my flesh-less hand on them. I don't remember when I started doing my work, or why I keep doing it. I feel compelled to. It's just what I do to grab the souls and pull them with me into a door full of light. I emerge a moment later. I never remember what happens in the door. It vanishes, and I continue my work out of an inclination like an itch I must scratch. I've grown numb to any disgust at death after whatever eons I must have been doing this.
       One day though, after I pulled a child into the door, I saw a skeleton draped in the same black robe as mine.
      He laughed. “I never thought I would see shock expressed on the face of a skeleton. Pull up your jaw you look ridiculous,” He spoke calmly as my skull clattered when I closed my mouth. “It seems you honestly thought that you worked alone. With all the people in the world were you so foolish as to think that one person could take them all? Were you figuring that you'd get to them all eventually?”
      If I could I would have expressed shame in a face I wished I had. “Well, I dunno, I've gone to different times before, I just thought it was job over eternity or something.”
     “No. Now enough small talk. Time to go.”
     I then felt a feeling about death I hadn't grown numb to during my work. Fear. I saw so much death that seeing it stopped disgusting me, but I never had been confronted with my own. And a Reaper, now that I saw that others existed, seemed like the only possibility for me.
I yelled to him, “I don't want to go!”
      He laughed again. “You must know by now that doesn't work.” He approached me and grabbed me with the same magic touch that I used to paralyze the souls I took away to the light. Would I now learn what was in the light if anything at all? The door appeared and he tossed me in.
I'll let you souls who have yet to be grabbed by a Reaper to find out on your own what is in the light when you join me. Until then, live happily, as you have a life better than what mine was.

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  1. I'm guessing your trip to the dentist made you feel uncomfortable. Maybe you're just not used to it. Don't worry. Your trips will get better in time, if you start going regularly. What did you get done anyway? Also, The Reaper's End is really interesting. I don't know what your initial thoughts were when you were writing the story, but I think it gave a lesson not to take things for granted. There are other people like us. We don't suffer or celebrate in glee alone and I kinda like that. I enjoyed reading the story. :)

    Leigh Hamilton @ Arborridge Family Dental