Saturday, March 5, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Bar Bar

“I'm getting too old for this.”
Edward Cullen, Twilight* #quote

Jessica's coming over tomorrow so that'll be super-extra funtastic. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Bar Bar

          Lawyers filled the bar drinking various alcoholic beverages to their liver's content. An exclusive bar for lawyers, The Bar Bar involved the lawyer patrons complaining about their lives while they drank. Or other bar activities, like trying to pick each other up. Pretty much the same as the normal bar, but with more suits and fancier lighting. Dress code actually insisted that patrons wore suits. Made it more lawyer-y that way. The suits made The Bar Bar full of pretentiousness.
         One man defiled that dress code. He walked in with shorts and head of slicked hair. His shirt had the name of some famous band from the seventies. He would have probably been too young to like the band when they were actually making their songs. The man simply said, “Name's Derrick,” nodding to the two next to him where he sat as if that made them instant friends. Derrick then ordered a generic beer.
        The dress code wasn't quite official so the manager didn't come and throw him out. After all if the dress code was official to the point of threatening to kick people out then it might scare away customers. The social pressure kept people wearing what they should wear. But Derrick just walked in without a care.
         Another patron of The Bar Bar said, “Are you even really a lawyer? Gone to school? Passed the bar exam? If not, then you really should find another bar.” The other patron knew the meaning of saying things too rough. Lawyers tend to know the lines to cross.
          Derrick responded, “Of course I passed the bar exam. I wouldn't be at The Bar Bar. I'm a lawyer. I went to school too. I'm just a fan of dressing casual. It's a habit since I got my degree online.”
          The other lawyers in the bar heard the word online and ran, fearing to lose their credibility by some sort of unprofessional cooties Derrick could have. The Harvard graduates ran the fastest.

In truth Derrick graduated from Harvard himself, taking only one course online. He just preferred to drink in peace and quiet.

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