Saturday, March 12, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Shelly's Journey

“Be vewwy, vewwy, quiet, I'm hunting wabbits.”
Alice, Alice In Wonderland #quote

Headin' to hang with Jessica tomorrow, so that'll certainly be funtainment. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Shelly's Journey

          Shelly the snail eyed some lettuce in Mrs. Ronda's garden. Determination filled her, fueled by her hunger, while she saw the long road ahead. Three yards. It would not be the first journey she made for food. In fact she made many journeys such as that for food. But with all those bundles of lettuce together Shelly knew she'd eat well for days.
           So began her journey.
           She moved, starting to get herself off the rock she was on. She's still on the rock. Just a bit longer. Shelly's pushed herself to speed up. Now she managed to get off the rock and onto the dirt. Now she moved along the dirt towards the garden. She's still on the dirt. Her body lunged forward. But she's still on the dirt. Soon though. Certainly...oh, now she's at the edge of the garden! Now she's in the garden! She'll be at the lettuce. Shelly's small mind was filling with joy knowing that she was almost there. Just a bit more. And finally at the lettuce!
           Shelly happily started gnawing away at the lettuce. A little into her feast however, a large shadow loomed over her. Mrs. Ronda spotted Shelly. She picked the snail up and placed her outside the garden, back on the rock.

           Shelly started towards the lettuce again.

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