Monday, March 14, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Based On An Exaggerated Story

“There's no time quite like the present.”
Santa Claus* #quote

Magicians are better on Halloween because they can give you a magic trick and a magic treat. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Based On An Exaggerated Story

            “And the fish was this big!” Grandpa stretched his arms out wide, showing that the bass was about three four long. “I almost lost my pole reeling the beast of a fish in I tell you. Why, I say I nearly lost myself since it pulled me nearly off my old rickety boat on that little river me and your dad fished day in and out. Took your Grandma hours took cook the monster, but that was the greatest dinner I had.”

           Grandma didn't tell the story the same though. The time she told the story last year was that they were out on their friend's ship on the lake and Grandpa only caught a baby trout so they went out to eat. She did say they ate big fish, it was just at a restaurant. I wonder who told the story better?

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