Sunday, March 20, 2016

Today's #flashfiction A Magically Fabulous Prize

 “Everyone, remain calm.”
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Ever wonder what happens when a monkey gets a hold of two trombones and a dinosaur bone? Well, usually it results in an angry phone call from the President or buying a sofa at a great discount. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Magically Fabulous Prize

To Witches And Wizards It May Concern,

               Do you love free stuff? Free magic stuff? Well in honor of the international spell caster holiday Wand Day the Wizard's Guild Union is holding a giveaway for all guild members! It's simple to enter and get one of our amazing magical prizes. All you have to do is mail in a scanned copy of your wizarding license to the address printed on the back of this letter. If you win we will call you at the number on your license. Here are some of the magically fabulous prizes you can win. (More are listed on the guild union website):

A dozen handcrafted zombies for all your necromancy needs.
A trained dragon that can do tricks like roll over.
A cook book that allows you to cook with magic...we are not legally liable for success.
An all expense paid trip to the demon realms. You will most likely come back alive.
A big, enchanted bucket of money.

Disclaimer: The information you use to enter the contest could possibly, maybe, probably will be used to send you spam but you could win prizes so don't think about this anymore. Prizes!

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