Saturday, March 19, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Calls In The Wild

“The wheel is come full circle, I am here.”
The Michelin Man* #quote

How much milk does it take to make a Moon? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Calls In The Wild

        Fredrick Frog and Barry Bird lived at the lake. Both their species were in mating season and both of them were ready to show off to the ladies with their calls. Fredrick would croak and Barry would sing. They both envisioned themselves impressing the most beautiful of mates.
They quickly noticed that their calls muffled each other out. Fredrick's croaking and Barry's singing didn't match at all. It created a bubbly mess, like two TV stations being watched simultaneously to create a mess of noise. Females of both species were repulsed by the noise.
       “Shut up!” The two yelled at each other. Barry Bird wished he was a hawk so that he could just carry the frog away. Fredrick Frog wished that Barry was a fly that he could take care of in a tongue flick. The two animals called as hard as they could to be louder than the other.
         Eventually one call could be heard, because Barry Bird got tired. But that was because he chose to rest a minute. After resting he then became louder than Fredrick Frog and the frog eventually had to take a break. The filled the entire lake with noise with their mating calls fueled by rivalry of hate and competitive pride. With the breaks they forced themselves to take from exhaustion their individual calls could be heard between the muddled messes they made together. This went on for days and they ate extra food and water and slept more just to create the loudest calls. Humans could hear them miles outside the park as the animals worked themselves to their limits.
          Swarms of mates surrounded both of them. The times their loud calls were heard separate from the each other were loud enough to attract potential mates then they thought possible. And perhaps even the muddled mess was so loud and powerful it wormed its way into the hearts of both species.

         Either way Fredrick Frog and Barry Bird could now choose whoever they wanted to have their families with. And once mating season ended, they became best of friends.

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