Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Old Comedian

“Trust your gut.”
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If the Star Trek transporters “disassemble” you to transport you, doesn't that mean that it kills you? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Old Comedian

           Old comedian Hansel Jones always performed at the Hee-Haw comedy club when he could. He'd been doing it for decades. Like clockwork he'd show up and never missed his act. Many comedians came and went with that club, but Mr. Jones was a local. His jokes weren't the greatest. Nobody rolled on the floor laughing with his act. But he told funny, heartwarming tales from his life that made anyone chuckle.
         “I've always wondered why you keep performing. After all these years haven't you realized that you aren't going to become famous?” The newest manager of the Hee-Haw comedy club said to Mr. Jones. This new manager was five years old when he first saw Jones perform.

           Jones responded, “I just like having people to talk to.”  

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