Sunday, March 6, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Bellhop Of Area 51

“Believe in yourself.”
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If mooning someone is exposing your behind then, since the Sun is considered the opposite of the Moon in some senses, then is exposing your face sunning someone? I guess those who wear masks want to avoid sunning people. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Bellhop of Area 51

            The government houses many aliens at Area 51. Usually they stay one to two weeks before heading home. That's the usual luxury Earth vacation affordable by most aliens. And Area 51 is a luxury hotel for aliens. Any alien feels special if they stayed at the Area 51. Most all off-book government projects that aren't on the public tax-dollar budget are paid for with money earned by alien vacationers. And 25% of those patrons come from Area 51.
           And I'm a bellhop in that wonderful little place. It's pretty cozy and fancy in the lobbies in the base and the underground facility. It's a surprisingly mundane job. After the shock of seeing the aliens you just stand in the lobby leading into the underground facility and just serve the aliens coming in, guiding them to the elevator and carrying their bags. After seeing the two headed, tentacled, cat-tailed alien with robot suit I pretty much just snapped and treated it like a normal hotel job like the one I had in Vegas before I joined the military.

         I hope that once I finish this job I use the money and get a college degree. Maybe a double major with one being in creative writing. Always wanted to write science fiction.   

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