Thursday, March 10, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Through The Eyes Of Vermin

“You know, not everything revolves around you.”
Galileo* #quote

Going to my game club today. That'll be fun. Also will be hanging with Jessica during the weekend. Overall fun will be had all around. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Through The Eyes Of Vermin

          Whiskers the rat, like all rats, possessed very blurry vision. He was used to the world appearing like a wet painting however. From a few feet away his fellow rats started to look just the same as stones. Grass makes the most image to Whiskers, since his eyes have only have two cones, one for seeing shades of green, and the other for blue ultraviolet. Red becomes a strange dark shade.
         Normally colors are not the greatest concern for a rat like Whiskers. But he does not live in the darkness like most rats do. The grass and stones he grows familiar with are part of a miniature park scientists have given him. Flowers that he can appreciate the scent, but not colors of, fill it.
          “Now Whiskers, it's time for another game.” Sound came clearly to the rat so he heard the scientist's voice clearly. And he felt the hand of the scientist taking him out of the park, in his family's large cage. Another day, another set of games. His family had a large cage, with tunnels and the park, much more luxurious than the typical rat cage. But when scientists are breeding intelligence, they want it healthy and stimulated.

          And so Whiskers would play one of the games designed by the scientist and his colleagues. He could smell the cheese already.

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