Monday, March 28, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Steve The Demoted Angel

“The eyes are the windows into the soul.”
Bill Gates* #quote

I was playing a video game on my 3DS where you could take pictures of people's faces to get items. It would check if there was a person in the view of the game system's camera and if there was you could take a picture. However I managed to trick it with a comic book character. How much faith do you put in facial recognition software?

Steve The Demoted Angel

         I died and didn't quite get to go to heaven, or hell. Apparently I was one of the many souls who didn't quite make to heaven but didn't quite deserve the fiery pits. So instead I lost my name, (I just call myself Ben) and am now forced to live out a sort of prison sentence here in purgatory under the powerful Steve.
        Most people give themselves names, like I did, since we all lose our mortal names when we land in purgatory, but nobody dares pick Steve. That's because Steve ruled over purgatory. He was a demoted angel. We could all relate to him on some level. He wasn't bad enough to become a fallen angel and be sent to hell, but he was bad enough to be demoted to running purgatory. And after serving a long enough time he would move back to heaven.
         He tended to snap, when people messed with him. Heaven must be a wonderful place for him to hate running a prison that nearly ran itself. I'm wasn't sure exactly what he did, but he was often yelling at the Hagellums, apparently the purgatory equivalent of demons that worked our cells and doled out the punishments that matched the crimes that put us in this joint. I was a thief, and several times I was given nearly material possession I could ever desire only to have it stolen away from me.          I felt dread knowing it would be taken away from me every time they gave it to me again to have for a few days.

          Eventually however I left, my last day in purgatory I saw Steve yelling at a Hagellum for messing up a punishment. Heaven was wonderful and I got my name back, Carl, not much less mundane than Ben.
         Yet I managed to find a way to try and steal. Technically everybody can't have everything since Heaven couldn't make sense(people's desires could conflict). God appeared before me in a form I could understand and told me I was being demoted for my crime. Steve served his time and for my minor crime I would be banished to purgatory to serve as the new Demoted Angel.

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