Saturday, March 26, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Old Video

“I know what you did last summer.”
Professor X, X-Men #quote

How many times do you look before crossing the street? Once? Twice? Thrice? Quice? Frice? Sice? Svice? Eice? Nice? Tence? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Old Video

           The video site YourTube possessed a long history on the Internet. Founded in 2007 it was still going strong in the year 2300. The company that owned it was one of the many ancient Internet giants, Juggle. Thanks to massive companies like these that last hundred of years and pass down generations, so do the websites they own, like YourTube. And these companies maintenance the data for the websites, backing up the data, transferring it from server to server slowly over the decades. With how large data storage becomes in this future this becomes easier and more attractive to the consumer than saying “We'll eventually delete your data.”
          And so from this process YourTube holds some very old videos. One being “Baby's First Words”, a simple cute video where a mother was recording her smiling child and it says, “Cookies!” over and over in the most adorable voice. In 2300 the video held over two trillion hits, gathered over the past three hundred years. And with it piles, and piles of video comments through all those years which are better skimmed through since all of them together could easily make a novel or two.
           One comment in 2300 asks, “What does cookies mean?”
           A reply under it is, “It's old English for bakums.”
          A comment in 2245 said, “That woman talking to the baby sounds the President!”
          A comment in 2199 said, “Why are you all wasting your time watching these videos? The world will end in 2200!”
           In 2120 someone said, “ cute.”
           In 2090 a post read, “Do you want to be your own boss? Work out of your own home? Click on this link!”
            In 2050 someone asked, “How many cookies are they feeding that kid?”

            In 2000 someone commented, “First!”

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