Sunday, April 17, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Birds And The Gears

“Quoth the raven nevermore.”
Angry Birds* #quote

You can never trust the news these days, they don't check their facts at all. Otherwise why would the weather forecasts be wrong so much? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Birds And The Gears

            One day a young little robot asked his parents where baby robots came from. The parents didn't want to explain the robot child factory and upgrades all robots go through at each stage of maturity, that would be beyond awkward. (parent robots watch over and raise young robots but don't physically create them). So the father did the first thing he could think of.
             “Well son, see there's a bunch of fairies in a magical land in the North.”
             “Yes, and they put all their fairy dust on all the metal we're made out of and it turns into us.”
             “Fairy dust.”
              “Of course! Then they all work together using their magic to fly you to us for us to raise you.”
               “You just made that up.”

               The mother robot glared at the father robot and he responded to her, “Oh like you could have made up anything better in two seconds!”

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