Thursday, April 14, 2016

Today's #flashfiction #freeshortstory The Mob Boss's Will

 “Time to put on our game faces.”
The Phantom Of The Opera* #quote

Here's something funny, “Police police police police.” is a grammatically correct sentence. That's became police police police police right? You've gotta love it when police police police police. And as a single sentence you can simply say, “Police police police police.” It's just stating fact. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Mob Boss's Will

        Despite all the violence in the criminal “businesses” the head of the Garratone family died of natural causes. Mr. Garrtone made most mob bosses look like incompetent fools when it came to running an efficient criminal enterprise. With a facade morality by doing evil but then feeling remorse and apologizing later he was willing to cross lines than gain favor and get in good graces. He did, in a strangely, actually feel sorry for what he did. But he never stopped being greedy. His life existed as a cycle of self-satisfaction and guilt.
        And when his life ended it became apparent that he chose to die that way as well. When his will was read to the family they learned that he gave away all his wealth to the most solid, reputable, good-natured charities out there. Mr. Garrtone chose not to give away all his wealth while he lived but only when he died. Living greedy and cruel and only repenting after death.
        His family despised this decision. The mob boss gave some them money while he lived, but to lose all their massive inheritance was a grueling blow to them. The family of criminals worked to take the money from the charities. They hired the best lawyers they could and bribed or threatened the lawyers that stood against them.
          They almost got their money back until one lawyer came forward. A woman from a small town who only was introduced to big cities when she went to law school. But she didn't even live near the Garrtone family. The story was in the news but people soon feared actually going towards the case. The woman came up with a different plan than just going into court and questioning the wording of the bill.
          “Who're are you?” The son of Mr. Garrtone said the next time he went to one of the meetings with the charities to threaten them.
           “My name is Elizabeth Talon,” the lawyer said to him. “All the charities you have been suing for contents for the will are doing multiple counter suits against you. A settlement for dropping your case is offered. However if you go forward part of their suits will require a thorough investigation of all your businesses.”

           The son of Mr. Garrtone had no idea how this lawyer managed to find all the loopholes legal stonewalls his own lawyers created in order to create the such a trap for them, but he knew that if their businesses were investigated than all their criminal enterprises could be discovered and they could be landed in prison for a very long time. And the police have been looking for an excuse to investigate them for years. The mob family dropped all lawsuits against all the charities and all the charities kept the massive fortunes for their causes.  

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