Saturday, April 23, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Improvise-A-Bear

 “It's good to be well-rounded.”
Flat Stanley* #quote

If you ever feel like spicing up your life with a little variety here's a little trick: next time you want to say “put a sock in it” you can instead say, “put a sandal in it”.


        Little Anne's grandmother sewed many different marvelous things for her shop. She also made things for her family. Little Anne had a teddy bear her grandmother gave her for her birthday one year. Anne admired her grandmother's skill, and one year she got the idea in her head to make her own bear. But she decided to do it on her own.
         Thing was she really didn't know how. She'd only caught glimpses of grandma making them. But she thought she could figure it out. It couldn't be too complicated to at least make one...right?
She began with many supplies she secretly pilfered from her grandmother. Two blue and green sheets since she couldn't find anything else on a shelf she could reach. She did manage to get red thread and needle her grandma left out along with some scissors.
        She started to fold the two sheets on top of each other making a vague sausage shape. She cut it them into some smaller pieces. She then tried to thread it together. At this point Little Anne, through poking herself a few times, realized she had no idea how to sew. So she went and got the stapler. With this and more cutting she managed to make a better bear shape.
        She then remembered she needed to stuff it. She however did not have any stuffing. So she grabbed what she could from the house that could possibly work. A few marbles, a dollar bill, some paper, newspaper, an old rag were some of the more pleasant items that went into the bear. Fortunately she did have the sense not to pick anything that would rot.

        Eventually her grandmother found Little Anne. The child had completed the bear. Stapled together and pumped with glue to keep its shape. The grandmother simply smiled.

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