Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Today's #flashfiction You've Been Voted Off The Campsite

 “I lost my train of thought.”
Thomas The Tank Engine* #quote

If you feel like it maybe sometime you should measure your foot and see how close it is to being a foot long. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

You've Been Voted Off The Campsite

         The contestants gathered around the campfire with the host. The wind blew gently and the birds chirped merry tunes. Spring brought timid weather to these woods. The hidden cameras along with the more obvious cameramen nestled in the bushes along with cute little squirrels.
          “I swear if I have to have another picnic in the Sun I'm going to go insane.”
Another contestant added, “Bass, trout, meatloaf. We're eating different foods each meal. It's making have to hum, 'it's for the prize money' at night.”
           A third contestant then said, “Let's just get onto the voting okay? I don't want to talk about it.”
Yet the host, for the sake of the show, prompted them to talk about their misery at the campsite. All the fishing, sandwich making, game playing and exploration of the woods and what they felt like when they ran across other campers. Eventually the voting did come and each one cast their ballot in front of the camera, though the order would be edited at home to keep up suspense.
          “Orllix, you've been voted off the campsite,” the host said.

            Orllix then said, “Well, I'm not sticking around to talk about my feelings anymore because if there's no prize money there's no reason for me to stick around in this hellhole.” Orllix went to the teleporter as soon as possible to head back to his home planet and take off the disguise he'd been forced to wear for the “Galactic Campers Show: Can You Camp On Another Planet?”

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