Sunday, April 24, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Harsh Critic

 “Take time to stop and smell the roses.”
The Energizer Bunny* #quote

Building a house of cards is pretty hard, especially when it gets really high. I wonder how hard it'd be to build a house of credit cards. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Harsh Critic

          “Oh, you look dreadful. That dress hardly matches your eyes.” The critic said. “You two, get closer together, you look like you'd make a good couple. Yes, I see it now, that'd be a photo worth taking! Pose like that and your ugly mugs might be worth looking at.”
         Nobody responded to critic. They didn't hear his comments on their image and how they should arrange themselves for aesthetics. They stared back at him for awhile with thoughtful looks, then moved on.
        More people came to replace and critic continued. “Definitely some more photogenic people, but the fashion is still terrible. Is this day absolutely hopeless? I'd like to get a good look at some nice, well dressed people that'd make a wonderful image for my memories to treasure.”

       The people couldn't hear the painting as he continued to criticize them. But they analyzed him, oblivious to his ranting about their looks. They'd move onto the piece in the art gallery. Maybe the sculpture would be less judgmental than the painting.

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