Saturday, April 2, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Meet Zani

“Anybody can beat a polygraph.”
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They say that money makes the world go round. But they also say that gravity does. Maybe that means that you can buy gravity? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Meet Zani

         Howdy! My name's Zanitoron the wizard, but my friends call me Zani. Get it? Cuz y'know, the word zany spelled with a y sounds just like my name shortened and um, well this got off to an awkward start. Let's just try to get to point...which was...what again? Okay, I've got notes inside my robe pocket. No not there. Other pocket? Yes other pocket!
         Okay you're great-great-great wow that's a lot of greats grandparents sold their descendant's souls for wealth. Jerks. And see that's where I come in, the whole soul selling thing is a misunderstanding. It's more of a curse that takes over your soul for a determined set of time since a soul can never be owned. At least that's what I read in the 101 book in college.
          The curse is going to activate tomorrow but good for you I'm here! Magical world government treaty gives mundane world magical assistance at times of need including curse management. I work for the company contracted for that. I'm a professional. I'll have that curse off you in a jiffy. Started last week so I know I have beginner’s luck.
           Now I know that my manual in the bottom pocket. See this little book is great. Makes sure I know what I'm doing. I just look up what I forget. You won't be able to read it though, it's written in magical runes. And I can't teach you in any short amount of time. I got my degree and I'm still forgetting some.
           Okay so let's see here. Yeah, page 72 that's you're curse. No wait it isn't. Glad I didn't start casting. 100. Page 100. That's the one I'm certain! No, nevermind. Okay page forty. This time I'm like 95% percent sure. Three snaps. Hakooakkahh, yei, lo, pop, pickle, and two more snaps! There, as long as you avoid exposure to hellfire the curse shouldn't take control of your soul tomorrow.

          You might be getting a feedback form. Be sure to give it top marks for me m'kay?

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