Monday, April 11, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Fork In The Road

 “Throw it out the window.”
Bill Gates* #quote

A few days back a watched a video on how to count higher than infinity. It was interesting, it got into different kinds of infinity and such. Math is weird. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Fork In The Road

          A pilgrim came to a fork in the road. This road did not have one sign to tell him where him what lie at the end of direction of the fork. It actually many signs. He began to read them, desperate to find where the next town was.
         “Left leads to Ambertown,” read one aged sign.
          “No it doesn't,” the sign right next to it commented.
          “Totally does!” proclaimed a sign tacked onto the same pole as the second one.
          “Really you should head right,” a sign with blue text contradicted.
          “I agree, right is the safe path.” This next sign had text scrawled with blood.
           A sign in the middle was a stop sign, except it had “GO” instead of “STOP”.

           The pilgrim read the signs over and over but couldn't figure out any way to interpret them to make a proper decision. So he took out a coin and flipped it. Left fork. If it leads to doom then he'd be happier blaming the coin than himself.

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