Saturday, April 9, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Clone Seasons

 “Grab the bull by the horns.”
King Minos* #quote

CJ's coming over today so that should at least be two monkey barrels worth of fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Clone Seasons

         “Why aren't we agreeing!?” The scientist yelled, completely baffled.
         “Because you're an idiot Winter!” his clone Spring responded. Or was it the original?
         Three copies of a scientist and an original sat in a room, and the original. The original scientist was lonely and bad at making friends so he made made clones of himself and to distinguish themselves they called each other by the four seasons. Due to the fact the cloning machine involved original scientist stepping in and a bright flash of light, nobody technically knew who the original was.
         “I still say we should go trying to pick up chicks instead of arguing over what movie to watch tonight,” Summer said. He laid lazily in a beanbag chair while Fall kept looking through more movies on the smart TV they spent their big chunk of income on. Spring insisted on a western but Winter wouldn't have it.
          Winter now put his hand on his chin, looking at the situation more as a conundrum then just a frustration. “I don't get it. We're the same person. We should want to watch the same thing.”
         “Still think we should be trying to pick up chicks. With four of us we should be able to have four times the chance. Trial and error! Lessons learned. Plenty of fish in the sea.”
Fall then commented, “You know that we couldn't get girls before the cloning why do you think that we could get them now?”
          Winter then said, “How the hell could we be so different? We're the same person!” He remembered when he turned twenty one, and having the idea to clone himself while he experienced drowning his sorrows in beer. A brilliant man he managed to pull it off at the day after his twenty third birthday.
          Summer then said, “I dunno man, I still don't know where Spring's love of westerns comes from.”
         Spring then replied, “When we got the smart TV and the movie subscription service, which was worth eating nothing but microwave food and ramen for three months by the way, I started watching the westerns while I handled some of my share of the chores.”
       Winter's face nearly froze when he put the pieces together. “I know why we're arguing. Why we're having difficulty being friends like planned. It's been four years since the original cloning. We've changed as people. And we're going to keep changing, and arguing. And it's going to go back to what it was like before. Where I'm all alone.” He worked to hold back tears as the memories of loneliness came.

       Summer then shrugged. “Or y'know we could work together and pick up chicks.”

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