Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Everyone Has Standards

 “My spider sense is tingling!”
Little Miss Muffet* #quote

Some say that there's a universe for every single possible way things could have turned out. But what if there's only one way things could have turned out? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Everyone Has Standards

          Micheal worked the counter at the local pizza joint. The position of the restaurant allowed them to service a lot of deliveries but few people visited the physical place. The young college student actually started to recognize the people who regularly came in instead of asking for delivery.
         However one day, someone came into the store not to order, but to complain. And the man reeked. Micheal, at first thought it might have been him, but he didn't spill anything on his nice uniform. He tried to keep it as clean as possible. No the person that came in smelled like rot. Like dead.
         Micheal soon realized the customer was dead. A zombie walked in the door, holding a pizza box and an angry expression on a half-gone face. The clothes on the customer were at least clean, and somehow the zombie looked like it had bathed, but the unmistakable scent of death wafted from the creature who's skin tore open in spots to reveal organs and skeletons.
          “I demand a refund!” The zombie then slammed the pizza box on the counter and opened it at Micheal. “Look at the pineapples on my pizza...they're obviously past the expiration date. You're commercials say you only have the freshest ingredients. Well I don't eat food that's gone bad!”

          The zombie presented his receipt and was given a refund. He left the pizza joint in a huff, a maggot crawling out from the back of his neck.

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