Sunday, April 3, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Salad Bar

“Be wery, wery quiet I'm hunting wabbits.”
Alice, Alice In Wonderland* #quote

Unless there's unexpected tea time with the Mole People Jessica should be coming over as planned today. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Salad Bar

         The Caesar Salad had way too much to drink. Dressing filled his body. In Foodland various dishes took form and salads resembled humans with their lettuce for their skin. Garden grabbed his friend and said, “You're not going anyway Caesar. Not until that dressing goes through your system and the extra drains.”
         Caesar replied, “I'm fine! He wobbled as the weight of the dressing pushed against his lettuce.”
Garden let go of his friend. That bit of toughness he used on Caesar before already gone. He decided that confrontation would begin to become too awkward. The dressing he had probably allowed him to make that assertion. But salad's aren't usually strong dishes, though there are exceptions. Garden never drank more dressing then he should. That was so that he'd knew he'd be perfect when he moved on to The Other Side.

         But he looked over at Caesar walk onto to the end of the bar, full of dressing. Garden knew Caesar should be sitting down. Waiting. But then Caesar fell apart from the weight of the dressing, croutons falling out and rolling through the salad bar. Garden knew he should have stopped Caesar, and one of the croutons stopped right at his feet.

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