Friday, June 17, 2016

Today's #flashfiction A 4D Pizza Delivery

“Loreal hair gel, because I'm worth it.”
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Jessica's coming over tomorrow, so that's radicalriffic. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A 4D Pizza Delivery

         Drayiu is a very air-headed multidimensional creature who kept forgetting things he wanted on his pizza while he ordered it. To make sure he could have his pizza on time he kept bending space-time so he could keep asking over and over again and alter the spatial state of the pizza to make sure it had everything. The pizza delivery place computers couldn't tell much what was going on but every human could tell something was off. (Drayiu was an multidimensional creature who had decided to retire on Earth because of the wonderful weather and food. He had to disguise himself as a human though, tentacles would be socially awkward.) Everyone kept feeling deja vu(and every time Drayiu forgot an ingredient and had to mess with time again and reorder plus scramble everybody's memory) the deja vu got more intense. And nobody in the pizza place could rationalize why all the clocks suddenly were off a bit. (Drayiu couldn't alter time completely and each time a millisecond built up and eventually each clock in the pizza joint changed a little)
         And the thing that baffled the pizza place the most is why they had fifty different receipt copies for one guy in the computer's memory when they all swore he ordered once. But no matter the confusion on the side of the pizza place at least Drayiu got his pizza hot and kinda-sorta in thirty minutes or less.

         Also he ate the pizza with Schrödinger's cat.

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