Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Victor's Reality

  “Like taking candy from a baby.”
Willy Wonka* #quote

When someone draws a conclusion, if its the wrong one, what's the best way to erase it? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Victor's Reality

        Victor experienced reality like everyone else, but chose to interpret as he chose. He possessed a vivid imagination since childhood, and reimagined the world he saw. He never told anyone about how he changed the world as they would be called anything from “childlike fantasy” to “delusions”.
         To normal people he was a man of average height and plain black hair yet vibrant brown eyes. But in his imagination he pretended he was a knight with wonderful looks and great charisma. The suits he wore for business were armor. The care he drove turned into carriage he rode through a magical land with great sights everywhere.
          At work his boss was a king who gave him orders to slay monsters using the magical devices handed down by the ancients. The computers in the office were the magical devices in reality. The other knights in his order of demon slayers his coworkers.
          And that was only one story he made his life into, although one of the most common ones. And the most fateful. This fantasy had his king called him into his throne room. In the throne room the king told Victor he was “fired”. Victor's fantasy turned these words into flames spewing from his mouth. His trusted king must have been possessed by a demon. He needed to give him a merciful death.
          So Victor did give his king a merciful death. And in reality he was convicted in a court for murder. Since then his fantasies transformed his prison into many different strange and wonderful magical lands.    

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