Saturday, June 4, 2016

Today's #flashfiction It's Good To Count On Others

  “Don't you love bring your child to work day?”
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It's easy to realize your mistakes, hindsight is 20/20. But that doesn't mean you should always be looking backwards. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

It's Good To Count On Others

         Terry won big again at poker. His earnings for today were through the roof. He loved it. He'd never won this much in his life before. Over and over again with regularity he'd been winning. The day couldn't get any better.
         Then casino security approached Terry and they escorted him to speak with the owners. They'd busted him for card counting. Terry would be banned from casinos and he'd have his winnings taken. Terry cried as the thousands of dollars vanished in that moment.
         This moment was especially tragic for Terry since he didn't count cards that day. Mathematician Kevin, another player at the table, did count cards. Kevin always made money when going to the casinos, but always less than the other people at the table. He made them the big winners while he made a steady profit. Kevin was a machine in his mind and a wonderful actor and charismatic manipulator. He made the game move how he wanted so that one person won big while he tagged along in back.
        Kevin smiled when he saw Terry being dragged away. The first time his plan worked it shocked him. But after the three hundreth, it became mundane and funny. Kevin left and decided he would cash in. He knew he couldn't win too much today after all.

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