Monday, June 20, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Game Of The Deep One

 “Honor thy mother and father.”
Lizzie Andrew Borden* #quote

I'm playing this video game with an interesting story. Instead of playing a single character you switch between the perspective of many characters over time. Many years in time actually. In fact I'm at a point in the story where a character I controlled at the age of like 30 died of old age. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Game Of The Deep One

         One day Cthulhu, the powerful elder god, purchased a video game. He liked it a lot. Like a lot, a lot, a lot. Like a little kid and cookies. So he decided to buy more video games. He totally got into gaming. He knew all the trivia and stuff even. And one day after realizing his true love of video games he decided to make his own.
         He gathered the other Deep Ones to help him come up with the game concept. The concept would be unspeakable without driving one mad(if one could find a way to sufficient explain it any human language) and to write it down would merely cause the same effect and make an invitation for any poor soul to read it to suffer the same madness as the person who transcribed the game concept. Only the Elder Gods and other mighty beings could comprehend the game concept and keep their minds in form.
          So woe to the programmers that Cthulhu hired to program the game for him. When they signed up to work for him they thought their boss was just using some sort of fantasy company name. But unfortunately the poor souls were wrong and in the end their mind was twisted when they met their boss and saw his True Form and learned of his game concept when he pitched it to them. But at least the pay was good along with the health plan.
          No computer in existence could handle his game. He had to use his powers to craft new one. The computer had to twist the space around it to make colors and sounds that didn't exist before his game to display it. The factories that managed the computer's and game's production had to be placed inside a sealed pocket universe as the power released by production would have destroyed our universe if let unrestrained.

         And so after production Cthulhu's game was released. Critics played the game and went insane from doing so. Some liked it. But those who gave it bad reviews promptly had their souls devoured by Cthulhu.

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