Thursday, June 23, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Boogiemen

The Lockness Monster* #quote

You ever think the [ bracket is jealous of the { bracket because it's more pretty? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Barry The Boogieman

         A boogieman prepared to scare a child. He had to build up his reputation as a creature of the night if he wanted to hang out with the ghosts. Boogieman had it rough though. They stuck to closets and children since they were too scared of adults. They were weak creatures and could be beaten up very easily by even a thirteen year old. An adult served as a monster to them. Only the other sympathetic creatures of the night made for good company. A few boogiemen tried to scare who they could to appear tougher. That was the mission of Barry this night.
        However Barry made a mistake. Instead of using his nightmare magic to teleport into the closet of a young child, he teleported into the closet of a full grown man. An ex-marine who woke up suddenly and quite alert when the boogieman shouted. When Barry realized his mistake he started to dash towards the closet but the marine grabbed him.
Barry nearly wet his pants, but managed to say “Nice weather we're having?”
          “It's night.”
          “But a nice one!”

          “Right...” The marine continued the conversation and managed to convince himself he was still asleep. The two became fast friends and Barry became one of the most renowned boogiemen.

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