Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Ben's Puzzle

“I don't have time for this.”
Dorian Grey* #quote

On my game I am now working on the most exciting part...menus! And the ever so riveting test fonts. At least I haven't accidentally lit anything on fire. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Ben's Puzzle

      Ben dumped a jigsaw puzzle out from a box. Over time he put it together with great thought and dedication. It slowly became a marvel of effort, a massive reward in itself. The lines of the pieces that segmented the image revealed that the puzzle contained one thousand pieces. Ben devoted an entire table to it and week to complete it.
       After Ben took a picture of it he pulled it apart and dumped it back into the box. Next he dumped another jigsaw puzzle he bought at the store onto the table and the process began anew.

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