Thursday, June 30, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Two Ways To Do Things

 “On the road again...”
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Remember to watch your back. I suggest mirrors glued to your wrists. It'd be like driving, just check your mirrors to see what's behind you.

Two Ways To Do Things

         A young wizard named Jerry and a young knight named Ron fancied themselves for adventure. A common past time for knights and wizards of their age who felt particularly reckless. While setting up the tent for camp Ron watched Jerry prepare a spell.
        “So now that I've gathered the ten varieties of berries from the woods I can mix them together in this cup.” Jerry mumbled magic words as he mixed the berries for thirty minutes. “I will use this concoction to write the core of the spell on this blank scroll.” The writing took about twenty minutes.          Ron finished setting up the tent long ago and now already took off the heavier pieces of his armor that wouldn't allow him to move well around camp. Jerry continued narrating himself, Ron wondered if this was to help him keep track of what he was doing or if he just wanted to show off all the things he did as a wizard. “Then I rub candle wax on the scroll right before placing a few other items like spider's web on it.” The application of the rest of the spell components took another thirty minutes. “Then with a flick of the wrist...”
       The scroll turned into a ball of fire that flew straight for the wood they'd gathered for the campfire.
        Jerry smiled. “And now our campfire is lit! Amazing isn't it?”

        Ron groaned, “Yes, yes, so amazing. But how about next time we start the campfire with a lighter?” He wanted to start cooking dinner about forty five minutes ago.  

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