Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Mingling Books

“I've got your back.”
Marcus Junius Brutus* #quote

I went to the dentist today. Not the most funriffic of experiences. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Mingling Books

          After hours in the library the books socialized and had their fun. The history books were often the most laid back, the romance were the rowdy ones, the fantasy and science fiction told their tales and invented new ones in social circles, and horror books tended to stand in the corners and sulk. The other books had their own roles and they often mingled. One children's book, the forever young-minded beings, spoke it's opposite, the encyclopedia on one humid night when all the books stayed as far away from vents and moisture as they could.
         “Mister Encyclopedia,” the book asked, “where do books come from?” The history books were laid back, but the encyclopedias were just stoic. Quiet, they hardly even talked to each other. They sat alone, contemplating their own contents.
           The encyclopedia spoke, “From printers.”
          “What is a printer?”
           “A machine.”
           “What is a machine?”
           “It seems we have much to discuss,” the encyclopedia said. Normally ignored the encyclopedia answered the other books questions for hours. The books then rested the next day as humans used them. Except for the encyclopedia. He was used rarely to double check some facts. But people didn't read him like they used to. That was what the Internet was for.

             However now with the other book to talk to someone used his knowledge just as much as they used to.

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