Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Nate The Neuron

 “Everyone has their fifteen minutes of fame.”
The Geico Gecko* #quote

People may knead bread but they don't always need bread. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Nate The Neuron

          Nate the Neuron passed on one piece of the puzzle. A fraction of a fraction of a much larger item. The information he got came from his neighbor, who got it from their neighbor going down a massive line. And that's just for the one small bit he got. A dash of blue. That's the message he carried. As a sole neuron Nate didn't concern himself with the big picture. He just knew that somehow the Mind formed on the backs of his brothers and sisters and it would worry about whatever the dash of blue meant.

         The dash of blue connected with other dashes of blue to form the image of a shirt, along with other colors and details to reveal the man that the Mind was going on a date with. Nate and other neurons kept doing their work as the body belonging to the Mind moved and laughed. It was a beautiful night and eventually it would lead to more dates and more wonderful nights. And eventually Nate would help the mind see an altar and the Mind would live happily ever after.

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