Saturday, June 25, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Superpowers

 “Close enough.”
Cupid* #quote

CJ's coming over today so that'll be enterfunment. Anyway onto the flash fiction!


           A unique radioactive reaction turned me, a regular guy, into a man with super speed. I thought my name of Victor would be a distant memory, or just a some part of my secret identity. I imagined that I would experience the life of the super hero.
          However society held different plans for me. I've got no super villains to fight so I tried to become a police officer. But that meant that I didn't have a secret identity. The military offered me a job and I decided to take it, thinking I could do more there. But before I managed to get into the field some other people had different ideas for me after the tests on my powers were done.
         “Victor, the Commander in Chief says you're taken off of any field duty and deployed to a base.”
           When I got to the base there was a hamster wheel. The largest I'd ever seen. They'd built it for me. I soon learn that people learned that I was the greenest of energy and decided to use me for energy. I ran so fast that I could fill massive batteries in a single hour.

           Now I wonder what would have happened if I'd gotten the power of flight.

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