Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Testaments Of The Pieces

“Let's take a breather.”
Darth Vader* #quote

I wonder if there's a music genre called “chips” that would go good with salsa. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Testaments Of The Pieces

         The Pawn: I often feel the first touch of attention. Then I often then become the first acceptable loss.
         The Knight: I don't feel as noble as the real human ones do. I feel deceptive and sneaky. I break the rules the other pieces must follow as I jump over pieces. I escape situations that other pieces would die in. I feel like I have unfair advantage over my brothers.
         The Bishop: I zig-zag through life, often passing by others as I take pieces. I feel like I'm being judged when I pass by them.
          The Rook: I don't feel much. I go straight. I stop. I go straight again. What more is there to life?
          The Queen: Everyone loves me. I can do what the rook and the bishop can do. I feel like the most valuable piece on the board because I am.
          The King: I feel like a constant burden. The players never defend me because I'm useful. They only defend me because I will make them lose. And when the opponent goes after me it is not because I am a threat, it is because I am vulnerable. I think I'm the most useless piece on the board.

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