Monday, June 6, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Ghost's Ghost

“Words are meaningless”
Noah Webster* #quote

Why does betraying have nothing to do with being a tray? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Ghost's Ghost

         After becoming a ghost it took Thomas several years to get used to his ethereal body. But then he haunted. Making strange noises and other phenomenon here and there. Often with the help of his other ghost friends. Haunting was merely a way for him to pass the time, as it was for all ghosts. One day, on a haunting trip Thomas began to feel strange. His ethereal body started to vanish, his cloudy body breaking apart like someone waved their hand to clear the air.
         Thomas figured at this point he would learn what would happen to ghosts when they die. Perhaps he would move on. The entire world wasn't filled with ghosts, so that meant that not every person becomes a ghost. He was curious what the other side was like. However he didn't get the answer to that question. He simply became a ghost-ghost. Ghost-ghosts are creatures who cannot be seen by humans or ghosts and who's supernatural phenomenon cannot be observed by people. But they can be observed by ghosts.
         So Thomas found other ghost-ghosts and began passing time by haunting ghosts.

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