Monday, June 27, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Extended Time

“I should have taken the elevator.”
M. C. Escher* #quote

Remember everyone has their own opinions. Unless they agree. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Extended Time

           I'm guessing the number would be two hundred. At least that what it feels like. Having my life flash before my eyes became a shortcut to immortality. My entire life. A way to increase your time on Earth they advertised as. All by recycling your memories right before death. The protocol for the chip would be to have you run through your memories again in an instant over and over right before you died. In your few brief moments you'd extend your lifespan so much.
          Studies of the brain showed it worked, but naturally nothing showed the living what happened. And now I knew. I learned personally the downside the living would never know. The chip inside your brain would make you “forget your memories” so that you could re-experience them. But inventors never thought to program it to forget the actual memory of you reliving your memories. The act of my life flashing before my eyes became a memory of its own separate from the life it made me forget. In the end after one re-experiencing of my life I would just keep reliving my life knowing exactly what would happen each time.
        And when I knew I living a simulation I felt a bleakness unlike any other. I had no control. If it worked as intended I would experience this movie like I made the choices I would have made. Eventually I started to mentally separate from the person I watched. That person in the memories and myself were no longer the same. I watched the movie of my old life enough, thought of it enough, felt enough regrets, re-evaluated my life, changed my philosophies and opinions...that we were no longer the same.

     I wished that I could live my own separate life. However the fact that I even existed as an entity violated nature. The chip simply made me by having the mind speed up its mental processing during the final moments before death. Perhaps in another few hundred reincarnations I would run out of extended time. In the end I could only think of myself as a ghost.

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