Monday, June 13, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Harry's Tower

 “That's irrelevant.”
Albert Einstein* #quote

Remember to not forget that thing that you remembered. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Harry's Tower

         Little baby Harry saw his daddy stack his toy blocks into a tower once. Harry loved the tower, all big and tall and made by his daddy. He wanted to make a tower just like it and be just as smart and strong as daddy. Harry worked his best to remember how his daddy built the tower and began his work.
         He grabbed the C and dragged it in front of him. Then he grabbed the B block with his left arm. His pudgy fingers dropped the block. It tumbled. Harry resisted crying. He didn't want help and he wanted to make daddy proud. He tried again with a tighter grip. It didn't work. When he pulled the C block along the ground there was no gravity to fight. But here he had to fight gravity. He used both arms this time. His fat palms smashed into both sides of the B block and he raised it above the C block and set it down.
         He looked at the A block. He put his hands on it like he did the B block but he soon realized as he raised the block that his arms could not reach high enough to place it on top. He thought he couldn't finish. That the tower would never be complete. Then he remembered that special thing he did with the help of his daddy. He remembered standing.
         Harry moved around his body trying to figure out how to do it on his own. Eventually he started to rise, his developing legs pushing him from the ground. These muscles felt sore, he'd only began to use them. But by rising his body, just barely, with all strength in his tiny body he managed to place the block atop the tower.

         He looked at it in awe, but soon decided it was time for a nap.

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