Monday, November 9, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Falling Star

“Let me hold that for you.”
Atlas* #quote

         Been trying to work on animations for the game. Haven't completed anything super-substantial yet, as I'm still getting used to doing every technique and optimizing my process. My father also gave me a book on animation I'll read. Best work to do things right instead of rushing and doing things badly. I've also think I worked out one way to code the animations into the game. Not buying a “game engine” has forced me to make even the most rudimentary things from scratch. But those game engines can cost over a thousand dollars and/or royalties on your game when you start selling it. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Falling Star

          A meteor flew through space, straight at the Earth. It stabs the atmosphere, turning into a blazing ball of fire and stone. By going through the destructive transformation the meteor gains the title meteorite and towards the ground. Besides light and sound themselves the only things that could contest the speed of the meteorite were jets and rockets. Nothing stood in the way of the meteorite while it moved along its path. So the two inch rock made a splash in the pool in the backyard of the Johnson's house.

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