Sunday, November 1, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Happy Thoughts

 “Everyone is created equal.”
Professor X, X-Men* #quote

Sometimes you get to the chopper. Sometimes you get to the car. Sometimes you get to the bus. Sometimes you even get to the bicycle. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Happy Thoughts

            A little tiny happy thought popped deep inside Damien's head. His sister Jasmine created it by reminding him of a time they shared together playing at the park near their house. A dark thought crushed that thought. Jasmine kept speaking to Damien on the rainy night he called her and pulled out another happy memory of another time they spent together. The dark thoughts that filled Damiens head, ones of stress, doubt, self-hate and everything that makes the mind weak crushed that one. His sister kept talking to him. Kept bringing up memories of him with not only her, but memories of her with family. She told him to think of all that can be.

          Jasmine created every happy thought she could and eventually the happy thoughts pushed away the dark. They also made his hand pull the gun he held away from his head. Renewed with the experience of happy thoughts after that rainy night he kept seeking more with the help of his sister and eventually on his own. The dark thoughts never forced a gun to head again.

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