Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Today's #flashfiction PogoCop

 “I can see my house from here!”
Icarus* #quote

If you ever look outside and see a seven foot tall alien wearing a top hat, remember that it's just as afraid of you as you are of it. Anyway onto the flash fiction!


          Jerry surfed the channels as usual when an ad for a new movie appeared. Since this was the first time he saw this ad he gave it some attention, unlike the past two hundred times he saw those insurance commercials.
         “In the future New York is devastated by crime.” the narrator speaks in the familiar dramatic voice present in nearly every action movie trailer. “The police are brought to their knees by the criminals of this violent new age.” The screen showed a ruined New York. It achieved this by panning through famous locations and showing them in disrepair. Computer graphics editing of real life images really helped along the way. “The only one who can New York from the brink of death is a man who almost died himself.” The narrator continued.
          On the screen appeared a man with his center body replaced by a pogo stick. His center body compressed as he jumped incredible heights. More scenes flashed by and showed that most of the man's body had been replaced by the various mechanisms of pogo sticks. His arms were made of pogo sticks. Even though his feet seemed partly made of “normal” prosthetic, they had the end pieces of pogo sticks on the back assisting his jump. Each finger was a spring connected to a massive chamber spring in his arm. His whole fist or an individual finger could supposedly launch with the collective power of the entire mechanism.
          The narrator finished his exposition, “PogoCop, once an ordinary man, was brought back to life by the union of a prosthetic company and a pogo stick company seeking to invent new prosthetic where the user would have the strength of a hundred men. And they succeeded.”

         The trailer ended declaring the movie release date and the fact it would be in 3D. Jerry thought for a moment he might see it, but he then decided he wouldn't since this was the second time they were remaking PogoCop.

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