Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Young Magic

“Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.”
Mary Poppins* #quote

Today is yesterday's tomorrow. Taking that into account, what does that make Friday? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Young Magic

           Clara sat at the table on her booster seat eagerly awaiting lunch. Lunch being one of the new words she recently managed to produce as she started to form language from her mouth. Her mother hoped that Clara wouldn't get anything in her pretty brown hair this meal.
          Her father walked over to the table with something like her bottle but much larger. Huge. It contained a large, dark liquid. Her father hadn't bought soda in a long time so this was the first time Clara ever saw it, since the last time he bought it he took it to a party. He twisted the cap open on the large container and started pouring the soda into his glass.
Clara knew liquids. She knew waters and juices. But when the soda hit the glass bubbles appeared.              The bottle was clear, so she knew the bubbles weren't inside there. She didn't understand carbonation so the soda created something from nothing. It defied the laws of the world. She expressed her wonder in the way that children with few verbal abilities express wonder and awe, she clapped in response to the amazing magic show.

        The mother looked at Clara's clapping and then turned to her husband, “Y'know, sometimes you just have to wonder what's running through their little heads.”

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