Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Spectral Loneliness

 “I'm tired.”
The Michelin Man* #quote

When you are monkeying around, what exactly are you going around? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Spectral Loneliness

        “Please spirit, give us some sign that you're here!” The paranormal investigators pleaded while carrying their cameras and other equipment.
        “Yes! I'm here!” I yelled, though I figured that my voice would appear as static on their equipment again. I moved my body in front of their cameras, ran my red, misty hand through the devices they carried again and again. They couldn't see me but I hoped something would pick up. Maybe they'd be different.
        “Sorry for disturbing you, but we wish to learn about you.”
         I hate whenever someone says that they don't wish to disturb me. Don't they get it? Loneliness is the worst part of being tied to some old place that people hardly visit. It takes tremendous amounts of energy for me to barely move beyond where I'm stuck haunting. I can only manage to talk to other ghosts or people watch once a month at most if I'm lucky. Why can't you demo this place already? Wreck it and make it a new home and have some people move in! I want roommates! Why do I only get the occasional paranormal investigator visiting this ruined old home of mine? People isolate haunted houses as some historical landmarks to never be touched.

       Everyone knows people don't like to be alone, so whoever decided that ghosts like to be left alone?

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