Monday, November 30, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Importance Of Being Oodial

“You shall not covet they neighbor's wife.”
Giacomo Casanova* #quote

If space aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids I wonder why they did. Was it a construction contract? I guess that means space aliens accept ancient Egyptian currency. Or maybe they like gold too. Personally I'd like to see the Egyptians and space aliens arguing over the price of labor and materials. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Importance Of Being Ooidal

            Ooidal, meaning egg-shaped, was an obscure word. That meant he was bullied by all the cool, popular words. The more commonly used words like “I” were slender and famous for being used so often. Long words that people knew, like “Inconsequential”, though not used as often were the big and bad and could through their weight around. Words with complicated definitions like Evanescent basked in their intellectual superiority to talk down on others, no matter how obscure.
          But Ooidal. The other words laughed at him since nothing was really special about him. People didn't use him when speaking so he wasn't famous. His definition, merely saying something was “egg-shaped” was absurdly simple. And he was a short little word that'd easily get wrecked in a fight with any word with significant mass. He could at most fight with a more famous word that was smaller and used more often, like “and”, but that'd show how weak he was.
         So Ooidal felt depressed. He didn't know what to do. That's when one of the onomatopoeia passed by him, going “Boing! Boing!” as it bounced along. People loved the onomatopoeia for how fun or dramatic they could sound. Boing bounced along, making his noise as he moved. It then crossed Ooidal's mind to think about how he sounded. Ooidal. Ooidal.
         He sounded kinda funny. Was this something that could make a word special? He began to think it might be something special. It was something he had that many other words didn't. Maybe sometime some people would start saying him because he sounded funny. Ooidal. Ooidal. It'd be nice to be special.

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