Saturday, November 28, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Santa's Friday

“Is that your final answer?”
The Spanish Inquisition* #quote

People in trench coats are not the kind of people you should try to get flash fictions from. That's just good sense. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Santa's Friday

          The elves rested easy along with Santa. Profits hit what they needed to during Black Friday during this year and they could see consider this weekend the best time of the year. The elves transformed back from their human disguises to rest for a few days and Santa could let his beard grow back in a little. He knew people would grow suspicious of him with it so he only let it grow at home.

          At the end of every Black Friday he tried to remember what year he moved away from the North Pole and bought the controlling shares of half the major toy companies all over the world with his elves in disguise. The thoughts of when he chose to modernize his attitude tended to vanish though when he relaxed at his beachfront property while drinking champagne.  

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