Thursday, November 5, 2015

Today's #flashfiction A Wet Mafia

 “Sometimes you have to stop and take a breather.”
Darth Vader* #quote

Tomorrow I'm heading over to grandma's and fixing it so that my blog posts get sent to her new email, as well as hang out with her for the day. It'll be funtastic! Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Wet Mafia

        “Finly!” The fish mob boss yelled. “Take care of Mr. Rayson.”
        Rayson the manta ray replied cockily, “You really think you can get rid of me? Ha! You've got a ton of sea shells to your name, own a bunch of hunting grounds. A big bad, mob for cuttlefish fish like you and your family. This Finly guy's even a shark and a got a few shark buddies. Nice muscle.           But kill me? Even if you try to eat my whole body the blood will smelled for miles. I'm part of a much bigger mob than you.”
        The cuttlefish mob boss then said, “I expect this taken care of quickly.” The cuttlefish left and used his camouflage abilities to make himself scarce.
         Finly then said, “Oh, it's not my shark buddies that'll take care of you. I've got other friends for that. Octos!” Octopuses from the sands of the ocean floor emerged and grabbed Rayson, pinning him.
         “People will find my body!” Rayson said again, “They'll know who did it!”
         Finly said, “On again, you're going on about the body. Don't ya ever shut up? We're called the camouflage mob because we can hide the evidence of who we kill when we go beyond more than just simple prey. Did you even wonder how we hid the evidence?”
         The Octo's dragged Rayson to a part of the coral reef filled with human trash and oil that only a few hardy underwater plants inhabited. Then the Octo's pulled out a spare diver's air tank and some party balloons. Collaborating the octopuses used their many arms and finesse to start tying a few of the balloons around the manta ray, also while inflating them with air from the tank.
        “What is this, what are you doing?” The manta ray asked. When the octopuses let him go he started floating up to the surface. They then put the party balloons back in their container and hid them under some rocks along with the tank.

         Fishly then replied, “It's simple, you'll be sleeping with the humans tonight.”

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