Sunday, November 15, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Knightlyness

“Keep it simple.”
Rube Goldberg* #quote

Hanged out with CJ today and worked on the game, also having a good deal of fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!


          When your young you learn about things. Things like chivalry. I learned about it from a great knight named Sir Grahn a long time ago. I didn't know the word for chivalry so in my head I could only call it “knightlyness”. It was the best word my six year old brain could invent for it.

          I learned of Sir Grahn's knightlyness from the way he walked and talked. The way he treated the people of my village when he arrived in our kingdom. With his position he could have looked down upon us but he treated us well. He walked with us like someone walked with nobility. I learned of Sir Grahn's knightlyness when he gave our village some gold to help us through a drought. I learned the most of his knightlyness when the bandits attacked and he died defending us from them.  

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