Thursday, November 12, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Nobody Cares

 “A penny for your thoughts?”
Professor X, X-Men* #quote

If reality is subjective, then the subject today is Social Studies. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Nobody Cares

          “Why are you wasting your time marking the walls Zogk?” asked one caveman who huddled close to the fire. He couldn't fathom why anyone would distance themselves any reasonable distance away from the fire in their cave when the wonderful scent of cooking meat came from it.
           Zogk, hairy faced and wrapped in furs besides his head and arm poking out responded, “I am making today's hunt.” Zogk's finger was covered with a paint, a crude paint of his invention. Ever since he started thinking about how mud stayed on someone and left marks when they moved he wanted to create something that would last longer and be easy to put on the cave walls. He spent a few months making shapes and mixtures to create a black paint.
         “How can you make a hunt?” asked another one of the cavemen. A cavewoman held a child that silently watched what he did and understood it better than the adults.
         “Watch.” Zogk made pictures of stick figures with spears and pictures to represent the animals they hunted. The others in the cave watched in silence. “This is today's hunt.” He then pointed to each of the stick figures and named who they were supposed to be. “And these are the animals we hunted today.”
           One of the bigger cavemen in the group laughed, “That's it? We were all there! What's the point of marking the walls to show something we were all there for?”
Zogk then replied, “Our descendants could see the marks showing our hunt.”
         “Ha!” The large caveman slapped his knee, “That is why we tell the stories! Then the stories are told again by our children to our children's children. Nobody cares or will care about your cave markings!”

          Thousands and thousands of years later archeologist's study the cave paintings, study them, and marvel at what they considered, a leap in cultural and technological progress. With the invention of photographs during the cave's rediscovery the hunt of Zogk and his tribe was known through the world.

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