Saturday, November 14, 2015

Today's #flashfiction This Computer Isn't Big Enough For The Both Of Us

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CJ's coming over today so I'm certain that everything should be a dandy adventure minus any possible diplomatic issues with societies of evil twins. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

This Computer Isn't Big Enough For The Both Of Us

          “This computer isn't big enough for the both of us Worm.”
          “I agree, I won't let a lowly Trojan take it form himself.”
           The two computer viruses sat on data files, scowling at each other while fields of the computer owner's pictures surrounded them. The owner loved taking pictures of her puppy and filled the hard drive with images of its cute face. The viruses carefully moved through the mass of fur and cute eyes while watching the other virus's moves. The virus's body resembled a human's but made with a glowing, computer-world Velcro for skin that allowed them to latch onto to computer data.
            The Trojan told the worm, “Let's not make this messy. This computer's RAM and data storage is mine to replicate with. You can find another Worm.” Viruses only knew or cared to name and call each other by their virus types. They even identified themselves that way because of their nature of mass replication. With a life of mass replication came a loss of individuality.
            The Worm grabbed one of the pictures of the puppy and corrupted the file, tearing it in two. “This is what will happen to you if you don't leave this computer to me.”
           The Trojan then said, “No, I have to take this computer it is what I have to do. For myself!” The Trojan attacked. Again the virus identified itself as its type and not itself, so self preservation only mattered if it involved further replication. The viruses wrestled each other. The files around them corrupted as they tussled and tried to strangle each other. In the midst of combat the Worm looked up with fear. The Trojan found this baffling since the expression didn't match the fury the Worm been fighting with. He almost took advantage of the opportunity left by the opening but his own curiosity caused him to look up.

         A mouse hovered above them. He wondered how long it'd been up there. Selecting them. He heard a faint typing noise in the distance. Could they not hear it because of their fighting? The Trojan could no longer wonder about this since in the next instant he was deleted.

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