Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Future Archaeology

“Just remember to be yourself.”
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If you had a genie, but couldn't wish for more wishes, couldn't you wish for more magical requests? I dunno, I'd have to ask a genie lawyer. And I know there's one because there's a lawyer for everything. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Future Archaeology

          The year was 2300, or the year 63 in the new calender that the current nations adopted. World War III did not treat society well. Nations burned and knowledge needed to be scraped together from the shambles. Archeology now focused on gathering the information on technology of generations past with things like dinosaurs being ignored for something like the page of an old book. One such archeologist, a woman named Hanna Green, wore a radiation suit while traversing the ruins of a city.         She saw broken pieces of a hover car. The archeologists who brought one of those back became famous, people couldn't manage to get it running, but that archeologist became extraordinarily famous.
        The most intact thing she found was a house. Only half of it was obliterated. She examined the building. Furniture. Roasted like usual. Then something glowing by a window. Flat like paper. No, thicker. A book? How could a book glow?
        The blue light of the thing she found met her blue eyes. She stumbled upon a cellphone. One of the solar powered models that were released before the start of World War III. She assumed it was some kind of flashlight, though how it still had power was beyond her. The science of electricity were just being rediscovered and this didn't follow the rules she knew. The touchscreen was barley responsive, but she still managed to access photographs of the old user and begin playing a game. When she found these features she put the pieces together that she found the legendary cellphone that her colleagues talked about. The near magical device of instant communication of the old era.

She looked at the girl in the photographs on the cellphone and thanked her. The relic from all those years ago would make her famous.  

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