Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Mad Without Power

 “Take things at face value.”
Sigmund Freud* #quote

CJ should be coming over this weekend. So that'll be fun, we'll be working on my game together. It's good to have a friend helping on such a big undertaking. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Mad Without Power

          Whatever drove Oliver off the deep end happened somewhere between the loss of his job and the loss of his loved one. Though the seed of madness always resided somewhere in in. He now barely scraped a living at whatever jobs he could take wearing a normal, likable, sane face. When he got home he tried to vent his frustration out on what he could. Stick figures.
           A man without artistic talent and unable to afford much he bought paper and pencil to draw out crude representations of what frustrated him. Or, later, as time went on an imaginary land that he decided he controlled. Where all the stick figures he drew listened to him. It was somewhere close back to his old job of executive. If the investments that he put the money in as an executive didn't go belly up he may have been able to afford plastic toys for the fantasy.
          He retreated into his realm. Controlling a wonderful world of his choosing. Erasing stick figures that didn't please him. Or turning them into strange monsters or whatever fate he was choosing. Everything fell into place for him. He didn't throw away the world he created. He considered the pages history. And they filled his apartment. Furniture and pages. The landlord assumed he was a struggling artist, and never looked at the contents of the pages.
           One day, when returning from a day of work Oliver saw a sign telling him to vote for a new senator. Normally he didn't pay these kinds of things much attention since he focused on either his job or his fantasy world, but someone had vandalized the sign. Graffiti of a stick figure with a dumb face, meant to mock the senator, gave Oliver a thought.

          “Maybe I should get into politics,” and so Oliver applied to work for politics and planned to go from the bottom up the very next day. A new world of stick figures awaited him.

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