Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today's short story #MrWoodronsSkydivingTrip

Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables!”
Hannibal Lecter

        Okay, today's story is actually another real world non-fantasy sci-fi one. I sometimes point out when my stories are not fantasy/scifi just so you don't expect something to pop out continually and get annoyed when it never does. (Like imagine being told something is a monster movie and monster never appears. Wouldn't that be really annoying?) Tomorrow the flash fiction series I keep talking about is going to come out and I think you all will enjoy it! Since the stories are already prepared its going to be posted nice and early instead of late like this one. (I was busy with my friend today and with my cousin's son's birthday party.)Oh and regarding stories happening “tomorrow” and such for email people your stories can arrive a day late as I've found out from family because it has to go through the system. Now, onto the flash fiction!

Mr. Woodron's Skydiving Trip

      “Mr. Woodron, are you ready to jump?” My instructor asked. He went to check my parachute.
       “Yes.” I replied. I jumped before he had a chance to check my parachute. This was my first time and I decided only time and I wasn't thinking straight. I never really thought straight throughout my entire life.
         I did the whole life-flashing-before-your-eyes thing. I grew up in a bad neighborhood. I suppose it was by social chance that I didn't wind up with bad kids. No, it wasn't chance. It was because I was alone. All when I was growing up I sat in corner. At least I was the smart kid a little. Enough to get A's. But never the straight 100%s. Just the 90s or the 91s and I was always lonely. That hurt more than the grades. Girlfriend? Hah. Not when you can't even get a friend.
       Managed to good enough on the standardized tests to get a scholarship but not enough to get a wonderful one so I had to work during college. Couldn't do the people part of the job so I worked the storeroom or the books(even though I wasn't actually supposed to, a counter employee shouldn't be doing the company books should they?) But when the boss found out I could do it better than the accountant I did it. I didn't know anyone to speak with so the books and the storeroom were my only friends. As for family? There was my now senile grandmother who raised me.
         And then I got a business degree. Lived a fairly basic life until this moment. Also just because I wasn't thinking straight doesn't mean I didn't make a conscious choice. I chose to jump early so my instructor couldn't check my parachute. I chose to rig my parachute to fail. And now I chose to head straight to the ground so my instructor couldn't catch up to me and try to save me after he jumped. I really do wish I could have pulled a trigger so I wouldn't have traumatize this poor instructor but I tried and couldn't. The only suicide note I left was on the instructor's desk that he would find after the incident so he would know I did it on purpose. Didn't need to leave a motive though. Who would need to know?

Author Comment: Well that was sadder than either of my other real world stories or many of my stories in general. But I feel when I come up with an idea that I think could make a good story I gotta write it.


  1. I liked the story. A good portrayal of a sad and lonely existence. Makes me wish he could have found a supportive girlfriend along the way to help him unfold his potentials and grow out of his shell. And a suicide by sky diving would have been a good choice rather than killing himself by less surer means that could have left him paralysed for life.

    lol, Your story got me thinking about it as if the character and the story were real. That, imo, is the mark of a good story.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Saying that my story got you thinking about it as if my character were real is a wonderful compliment. Thanks for reading!