Monday, May 23, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Adding To The Portfolio

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”
Walt Disney* #quote

A good piece of advice is to remember good pieces of advice.

Adding to the Portfolio

          My camera is set. It's the perfect camera. I love its deep black color. It shows a sort of deep, serious professionalism. The camera's lens is perfect. Not a single scratch. I care for my camera better than most people care for their children. My camera has to be in perfect condition. I can't afford to damage it. It's not like I'm some rich photographer that can just buy a new camera every time. Maintenance on my spaceship costs enough as is. And the cloaking devices are costly too.
         The hum of that very cloaking device ate away at my ears. Why did the power core have to be in the helmet? Even with the device I had to distance myself to make sure they didn't hear me. Though maybe today I would get the photo I wanted. A good, clear photo of one of the hardest things to catch in beautiful form.
          A jogger. Oh, yes those wonderful human joggers. Not elegant on their own, but the sheer difficulty of getting a good shot of one mid-trot. The bragging rights. I've been on this beach before and gotten plenty of shots of sunbathers. Though anyone can document that. That's kids stuff. But a good shot of a jogger in a good pose without blur shows a steady tentacle. The trick though is to not catch them alone, not that won't get attention. No my jogger is going to be in a flock. I'll photograph the climax of a marathon when a flock of joggers move in front of one of the human park's fountains.          The timing will be perfect. No other humans will be in the shot. I'm going to time it so that its at the most dynamic moment in the joggers trot. It will be a beautiful image in my portfolio.
And in the flock comes. Coming. Coming. So many joggers. Yes. I'm in the right position for the dynamic shot. They'll look just right. I'll take the photograph with a perfect hand. It'll look better than those done by professionals! This picture will be the first step in showing me as professional level!
        No. No. No! It's ruined! Why did a bicyclist enter the shot! They never come to this part of the park! Nugh. Great, just great. Wait. I can try again. I'll catch up. I'll get the perfect shot. I'll try again and again until I capture the essence of the joggers and I'll keep moving and on until I make my perfect portfolio of human pictures.   

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